Local Tourmake terms and conditions


Tourmake platform, through its Local Tourmake portal, collects and organizes the data of businesses having a Tourmake or a tour published on Google Maps into special places, named Local pages, in order to promote and give visibility to the business on search engines.

A Local page can be added by a Tourmake partner, user, photographer, an agency or business user by filling in a special form on Local Tourmake portal.

Local Tourmake uses Tourmake platform services and therefore adheres to the general Tourmake terms and conditions https://www.tourmake.it/en/terms_and_conditions.

1) Data entry

The data publication on the Local Tourmake platform takes place through the sharing of public data on third-party sites such as Google Maps https://www.google.com/intl/en_EN/help/attribution_maps.html

2) Content management on our services

Local Tourmake Services allow you to upload, store, send or receive content.

When the user uploads, stores, sends or receives content from or through our Services, he grants to Local Tourmake (and partners we collaborate with) a global license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such as those resulting from translations, adaptations or other changes made in such a way that the contents work at best with our Services), communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute the above mentioned content, in order to promote their visibility.

This License also applies if the user stops using our Services. You must ensure that you have the necessary rights to grant us this license with respect to any content sent to our Services.

The person making contents available is solely responsible. Local Tourmake reserves the right to examine the contents to establish any illegality or opposition to the rules indicated therein or to those provided by Italian law, and may also remove or obscure content violating the law or the above listed rules.

If the user sends feedback or suggestions on our Services, they can be used by us according to our own unquestionable judgement.

There’s no obligation on our part from the sending in question.

3) Claim the Local Tourmake page

The business owner or manager might claim the ownership of the local page associated to his activity, by following the claiming process.

To this end, it’s needed to prove the ownership of the business or place related to the Tourmake Local page.

When claiming a Local page the system assigns to the business owner an User account on Tourmake platform to let him access his private area where will be provided all needed tools to manage and modify the Local Tourmake page and/or create a Tourmake associated with his activity.

In this regard, please refer to Tourmake terms and conditions https://www.tourmake.net/en/terms_and_conditions.

The User must complete the claim process within 10 days of taking possession of the page verifying his identity through the tools provided by the platform.

Once this deadline has expired, the User loses the page ownership, which might be claimed by another user.

Once the claiming process has been completed, the User gets intellectual property rights of the verified local page.

Local Tourmake saves, sends and receives contents and reserves the global right to reproduce and use the included contents for improving the service or for promotional purposes.

The User who claims the page takes full responsibility for the data entered and for any abuse or violation of the rights of others.

Local Tourmake does not guarantee the correctness and truthfulness of data relating to a business activity on the corresponding Local page.

By filling out a specific form it’s allowed to request a modification of a Tourmake Local page - even if not owned - when incorrect information are detected, or in case of illegal content offensive to human dignity, or just to suggest an edit.

We will take in charge all requests and suggestions and if accepted, we will update the Local page’s info.

The modification will be taken into consideration and eventually accepted with the consequent updating of the Local Tourmake Page.